Are You Prepared if SHTF?

Occurrences of natural calamities in the world have increased in the world; do you think you are prepared in case your state gets affected by a similar SHTF situation? This article covers a number of factors you need to consider in case you ever have to decide whether to bug out or bug in. In addition to this, this article also covers a number of places you can consider if you or your loved ones are ever stuck in an unfortunate circumstance.

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Things to Consider:

lost waysIn case of an emergency situation which requires you to evacuate the general area you need to consider a number of things before moving out. You need to identify beforehand about the way you will commute to the new area, where you will live once you get there and how will you take care of the belongings you are leavingbehind.

Choosing a Location to Bug Out:

Before deciding upon a bug out location, you need to have a clear picture in your mind of how you will manage the time that you need to stay out. Take note of the following:
Food: Will you and your family have access to quality food at your bug out location? It is crucial because you may have no idea how long will the stay be.
Weather: What is the general weather and temperature of the area like? Are you prepared enough in terms of clothing and camping supplies?
Safety: Is the place safe enough or if it isn’t can you make is secure enough for as long as you stay there?
Once you have taken care of these aspects and thought them through, you can consider our following recommendations if in case you need to bug out for while:

The Appalachians

With more population density than the Rockies, this temperate zone mountain range is a grand bug location; since hunting is routine you will never have to worry about survival. However, before you need to actually bug out, it is advisable that you get to know the routes of the area to remain unaffected by any panic caused.

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Colorado, Montana and Wyoming

In these places you can easily obtain building permits and build your bug out location. Since these locations are rich in resources you do not need to worry about food supplies. Hunting is your option and is a norm here. The only thing you will need to take care of is low temperatures and a lot of snow.


Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama

Considerably hot in summers and manageably temperate in winters, these locations are rich in resources like water and game. This way your survival problems are easily solved. One downside to these locations is that they connect very easily to major cities and may have issues relating the defense of your bug out location.

Oregon and Washington

With a low population density these places offer some of the best bug out locations in emergency situations. With an easy access to water and game you will generally have no survival issues here. You can also grow your own food during the summer months.

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