BREAKING: Ground Around Los Angeles Moving Sideways!

A terrifying event is taking place in Los Angeles, CA: the ground is moving sideways in slow-motion,  rising 15 feet in four hours in some areas, utterly destroying roads, knocking down utility poles and wrecking infrastructure.

A seen in the photo above, and others below, Santa Clarita, CA is experiencing shifting ground, where entire mountains are literally moving sideways!

A two mile section of Vasquez Canyon Road had to be closed until further notice because of the phenomenon.  Here’s what Vasquez Canyon Road looked like at 12:08 PM Pacific time:


There is some rising or falling of the road, but a condition that might result from heavy rain or normal settling.

As shown in the next image, below, things began to change quickly.

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About 3 hours later, at 3:36 PM, the road had become clearly deformed from ground movement; yet there is no rain, no flooding of any type!


But things continued to get worse.  The photo below shows the same road, about an hour later, around 4:30 PM . .

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By 4:30 PM, this is what the road looked like:


“The whole mountain is moving” said one local resident, who is terrified at what is taking place.

It is important to note that, according to the US Geological Survey, no earthquakes have taken place during this time, to account for this type of land deformation!

Below is a map of the road being affected:


This map shows the location of Santa Clarita, CA for reference purposes:


14 thoughts on “BREAKING: Ground Around Los Angeles Moving Sideways!

      1. In that case, Volcanoes must be earthquakes too.

        Earthquakes require a sudden movement, not a continuous movement such as this.

  1. underground aquifer may be changing location. I think ground penetrating radar should be able to see what might be happening.

  2. No this is a beginning stage of the cascadia subduction zone quake coming to the rim of the pacific and happening now as we speak.. ffs I have been on this for months.. main stream media doesn’t give a crap.. even though this sounds nutty there should have been massive evacuation attempts before this happens … it riddles me with helplessness and deep sadness.. all the geological and atmospheric, seismic data .. as well as the fact that it is time.. due to the footprint of the history of this event and yet people turn a blind fucking eye to mother nature.. absolutely negligence ..

    1. Where do you think the people can all go? If you are there and know then get out because you know. Maybe this movement will mitigate the strength of the quake and make it less traumatic. The recent gas expulsion in the area may also have created some of these effects

    2. Thanks for your post. I know there were two earthquakes in Vancouver Island area, too, in the last couple of days. Related? Any guess on a time frame for this?

    3. Thank-you Kelly,..I agree! I live close enough,…on a road trip presently to find safer more beautiful pleasant calm places to live! Even though I have loved California for years,..still do!! But for me,..I think the writing is on the wall! ??✨

    4. Loss of the value of real estate owned by officials in local government might be the cause of the silence, methinks?

  3. See the video interview by Carry Cassidy on Project Camelot concerning Planet X approaching our solar system. As it gets nearer the Earth will begin undergoing major geological earth changes.

  4. Recent satelite date has shown massive amounts of carbon dioxide emitted from the major Pacific coast faults, starting a few weeks ago… especially in Calif. The last time this was observed, it resulted in massive earthquakes in India & China, where these large non-human CO2 emissions occurred.

  5. Liquflow. Usually the ground turns to a near liquid state before or just after a major earthquake. If I were a scientist, I might say head for the hills if they weren’t moving.

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